I use the term webtoon loosely. Not all works here are webtoons. To me, webtoons are long strip format works, usually by Korean or Chinese artists. Works here come from all kinds of publishers (lezhin etc) but as long as it obeys the long strip rule it goes here. They're normall fully colored works as well.

Total count: 31

Their Story by Tanjiu
AKA Tamen De Gushi

Tags: high school, slice of life, tomboy, idiot couple, comedy, height gap

Sun Jing has a crush on a girl that she sees at the bus stop sometimes, she slowly tries to work up her courage to ask her out. A really funny, cute and romantic manhwa.

I loved this series so much, you have no idea. I loved the comedy and the two of them. If you are looking for a place to start with yuri that’s light hearted, this series is for you.

That Time I Was Blackmailed By the Class's Green Tea Bitch by Xian Jun

Tags: blackmail, comedy, gyaru, idiot couple, high school

After school ends, a good honour student is threatened by the class’ green tea bitch. It’s a cute romance that starts out with a misunderstanding and blackmail.

I highly recommend giving this one a read, it’s cute, fluffy and made me smile. A good entry point into yuri manga with enough drama for it to be interesting but not too much drama that it’s suffocating. It’s light hearted but not too light hearted to be boring.

Shame about how rushed the ending was though.

Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess! by Chise, Ciwei Mao Yuedu, and Mo Xian She

Tags: isekai, villainess, drama

Another isekai where the MC got isekai'd into a fantasy world in a game. But unlike I Favour The Villainess, she's not the main character but the main villainess. She has to make sure she bullies the heroine to fulfil the storyline needs and push her towards the various love interests' romance routes. All to avoid the ending where she and her family get killed or something.

Good chemistry. Somewhat fluffy? Story can be a bit hard to follow sometimes. But come on Yvonne just fuck her already SHE ACTUALLY DID IT? WTF? LET’S FUCKING GO

My Food Seems to Be Very Cute by Radish

Tags: age gap, animal ears, fantasy, monster girl, vampire, witch

A vampire wakes up after 200 years to a werewolf girl. The moment the coffin was opened, the werewolf girl gets cursed.

It's a fluffy GL manga that's kind of run of the mill for me. It's cute (though I'm not too into their designs) and though it's not as romantic as other series' that I've read, it's still pretty alright. It's neither terrible nor amazing, but I got bored over 100 chapters in.

Pulse by Ratana Satis

Tags: adult life, drama

Mel, a renowned heart surgeon, is well-known for being a stoic loner. She views her erotic flings with other women as a tool for pleasure rather than a show of affection. Then she meets Lynn, a beautiful and spirited cardiac patient who needs a new heart, but refuses a transplant.

I’m kind of 50/50 of the art. I mean I could tell you how good it was but I can’t since I dropped it since I wasn't a fan of their jokes/punchlines.

Lily Love by Ratana Satis

Tags: college, drama

Yet another work (albeit an earlier one) by Ratana Satis. Donut meets Mew and they slowly become more intimate.

Uh… I dropped this one rather early because uhm… I couldn’t stand their names.

What Does the Fox Say? by Team Gaji

Tags: office lady, drama, NSFW

WARNING: Has NSFW scenes

Sungji just got hired to work at a company. Most of the other employees are indifferent to her, but there’s one person who approaches her, the Team Manager Sung Sumin. She’s straightforward and rough but cute at the same time.

The story is dramatic with exes, trauma and triangles. I finished reading the entire thing rooting for Sumin and her ex more than the main couple. Seju is hot.

Show Me Your Bust by Team Gaji

Tags: college, drama, NSFW

WARNING: Has NSFW scenes

Another webtoon by the same creators as What Does The Fox Say? MC is a girl who likes boobs.

Not really a fan of this one so far. I don’t really like the MC, she comes across a little like those harem protagonists in het manga. But you know I’m still going to keep tabs on this one just to see where it goes.

She seems to have special powers that can get any girl to show her their boobs by just asking. I am also happy to see Seju’s cousin here. Why is the art worse now?

My Dearest Nemesis by Xian Jun

Tags: childhood friends, comedy, drama, office lady, rivals, slice of life, tsundere

Two enemies that fight like cats and dogs. But during the year-end party, the wall between them shatters after they get drunk. Yuri ensues.

By the same creator as Green Tea Bitch. I was hopeful that it would be as good as green tea bitch, but it's just... Not as good for some reason. The dynamic and characters aren't working for me at all...

Her Pet by Pito

Tags: comedy, drama, bullying, high school, slice of life, this really weird petplay

Gayoon decides to enrol into a high school far away from home just to be closer to Soha, her middle school heroine and idol. Gayoon finds out about Soha’s loss and decides to help her by filling the role of Soha’s once true friend - Happy, Soha’s pet dog.

I don’t even know where to start with this one. There were multiple chapters where I went ‘what the fuck am I reading’. This is just weird my dearest imoutos.

It Would Be Great If You Didn’t Exist! by Carbonara

Tags: comedy, drama, adult life, bisexual, cheating

A girl caught her boyfriend on a date with another girl - how dare he! Except turns out the third party is totally her type and vice versa, so they ditch the guy and date each other instead. He got really salty so he caused a lot of drama in some of the chapters.

I thought this one was pretty funny, a mix of good cute scenes, comedy and there’s a bit of darker stuff like mild violence and some drama. If I recall correctly, it had a ton of romantic tension at the start but then when they got together, it wasn’t as fluffy anymore as they turned more to drama. I enjoyed how the couple managed their problems extremely maturely. They are adults.

I’m More Dangerous Than You by An De and Zhuang Zhuang

Tags: college, drama, violence

Jiang Wanshu writes novels. One day she meets Ren Pingsheng, who she thinks is her light, but that quickly turns into a nightmare as a crazy reader of hers begins killing people the way she describes them in her novels.

This isn’t meant to be romantic in the slightest. It’s more like a thriller and a horror than anything else. But to be honest, when I finished it, I felt like I read a discount Killing Stalking. No, I don’t like yaoi, that’s the only yaoi work I’ve read.

Sadistic Beauty: Side Story A by U yukon hui and Li geum san

Tags: adult life, NSFW, BDSM, drama, toys


Gyerin meets Na Joo-yeon and she’s exactly her type! Except she has a personality that she can’t stand...

Apparently this is a side story (I have not read the main story). It’s also a BDSM porno and I did NOT know that it was until I was halfway through. I just left a tab of this open on my PC for so long I forgot what I had opened... I thought ‘sadistic’ in the title was referring to their personality or something...

Anyway, it’s a crime that this is so short. Actually a great read.

The Love Doctor by Bansook/Chamsae

Tags: college, wholesome, age gap

The MC is so aloof when it comes to guys and dating that she figures that something is wrong with her. So she decides to call a number she saw on a ‘Love Doctor’ flyer. Except this doctor is an ex-ballerina older than her and not actually a doctor, but she falls in love anyway. Aaaaand that’s how she realised - she’s gay.

This isn’t really my thing, strangely enough.

Bad Thinking Diary by Park Do-han

Tags: drama, slice of life, NSFW, lots of sex, wishful thinking, college

WARNING: NSFW, has porn

Minji and Yuna have been each other’s best friends. One day, their relationship subtly changes.

Dumb characters and dumb drama. So, so much fun. Maybe sometimes you need to be frustrated at something so stupid for almost 30 chapters for the payoff to feel like you’ve just struck the lottery.

I’m not too into the way the artist renders their art but who am I to complain? It fits the sex scenes but it’s kinda funny looking when the MC wakes up from bed with a full blown makeup look on her face ahahahahahahah

I don’t understand why Koreans are so good at drawing porn. Is it something in their water?

Beast of Blue Obsidian by Iceky/Bing zi
(I’m not even going to link this one, what a waste of time)

Tags: fantasy, animal ears, drama, action, supernatural, tragedy, violence

WARNING: NSFW, has porn, also a lot of violence to the point of gore

Dropped within 30 chapters. I have no idea what the fuck I just read.

Fluttering Feelings by Ssamba

Tags: college, slice of life

I don’t remember anything about this except the fact that I dropped it because I stopped caring.

Girl in the Birdcage by koer

Tags: drama, love triangle, high school, school girl

The premise is set in an art school. Gifted and Talented (GT) students get full benefits from the school. Non-GT students get nothing. Chung-euon, a GT student, falls in love with a non-GT student, Yumi. While Chung-euon is crushing hard on Yumi, Yumi has some ulterior motives...

The art in this webtoon is in-between good and amateurish. Every character is a piece of shit. It turned into a trainwreck reading session. Although, somehow, they managed to make the ending good. I’m conflicted??? I like them now???

What the hell. Okay. Good read. Never in my life have I thought that I would read a yuri that I assume is terrible in every way and get my opinion completely flipped at the end.

Laysan Albatross by Yaua

Tags: supernatural, adult life, drama

Jiang Shishi is a zombie who lives quietly among humans as a kindergarten teacher. As she applies for a teacher position in another city, she is forced to live with a vampire, Christine, who is her examiner for the job position.

I dropped this one a bit early. Not feeling much chemistry between the two leads. There's also this thing with some Chinese manhwa where their writing comes across as... whimsical to me. The dialogue comes across as strange and stunted (but it could be a translation issue). I'm also generally not a fan of the way they draw faces in this style that heavily reminds me of meitu'd to hell faces that's the beauty standard in China. It's just uncanny. Sorry.

Kill Me Now by Cosmos

Tags: NSFW, crime, psychological, violence, drama, age gap

WARNING: NSFW, contains porn.

I dropped this within 2 chapters back then. But I decided to give it another go since people on twitter won’t stop talking about it every now and then.

It’s about an assassin(? killer?) who killed the guardians of the second MC when she was a child. Second MC grows up and she’s supposed to kill the assassin now.

Anyway, it’s not my thing, the fact that she was raised by the assassin and she’s in love with her is kinda weird... But the weirdness is on purpose anyway. Another note is that the art style is very unique.

Lilith by Sirius and Chesire and Baram (Lilith 1) (Lilith 2)

Tags: adult life, NSFW, BDSM, childhood friend, love triangle

WARNING: NSFW, there is SO much porn in this

There’s Lilith and Lilith 2. The original ended rather suddenly at chapter 24 because the artist fell ill. Lilith 2 continues with a different artist.

Long story short, Jahee is a shy hard-working high school teacher but she’s actually a hardcore masochist. Drama love triangle between her childhood friend Huilin and her childhood live-in sister Sulhwa (they’re not related and I don’t think she was even adopted.)

It’s a huge shame that the artist fell ill. I prefer the older art over the new one. The storyboarding and writing was better in 1 than 2, even though the writer is the same person. I felt myself zone out more on 2 as it continued, there were WAY too many flashbacks about an ex that I DID not care about. There was still one part where the love interest was a scumbag and rape-y (I think it was assault, even) I guess it’s still a good read if you like seeing a ton of BDSM fun.

The new sex scenes by the new artist weren't as erotic or well done as the first. Though if my body is any good indicator of quality (it is not), it still had me feelin’ some kinda way.

No Love Lost Lady by Face park and Cho sangduck

Tags: college, NSFW, drama, psychological, creepy

WARNING: NSFW, there's porn in this

Sungha is beautiful and glamorous, but her relationships never last longer than one month, and she gets most attention from... Women? In order to get Mr Right someday, she approaches the new self proclaimed lesbian transfer student, Rahee, to make things clear:

Sungha: "You're not already in love with me are you?

Rahee: "Don't worry. You're the kind of person I can't stand.

This is mental illness - the webtoon. I hope Rahee finds happiness.

Moonlight Garden by Kang unnie and Misspm

Tags: historical, supernatural, NSFW

WARNING: NSFW, there's porn in this

I don’t even know how to describe the plot of this one. I’m honestly so lost at how bizarre the entire premise and the way the story is told here. I’m not feeling it. AT ALL.

Dormant Desires by Iceky / Bing zi

Tags: adult life, drama, BDSM, sci-fi, NSFW

WARNING: NSFW, contains porn

Eve is a police officer trained to catch the most hardened criminals, but she can’t figure out why she has dreams with the same dominatrix every night. One day she happens upon someone who looks just like her in person...

I clicked on this one because I thought the cover looked nice. Then I realised this was by the same person who made that Beast of Blue Obsidian webtoon that made me go WTF.

It's such a shame that they have a good artstyle and ideas but they can't write for shit. If I were you I'd only look at chapters 1, 29, 33 and bonus 1 for softcore porn (yeah, it's not really as intense as other NSFW webtoons here)

Her Tale of Shim Chong by Seri and Biwan

Tags: historical, drama

Shim Chong is a young beggar who meets a bride-to-be of the old chancellor. Right at the marriage’s first night, the chancellor falls gravely ill. The bride befriends Chong and they spend more time together.

This was a good read. It’s more focused on story than romance however. But it had a good pay off and the bonuses were HNGG. The drama and the male characters (the whole patriarchy and stuff) were frustrating at times, but I’m glad that it ended well and was worth it.

Ring My Bell by Yeongol

Tags: college, drama, comedy, adult life

Mai Sohn gets hired by a major publisher to write a webcomic on relationships. The day she signs the deal, she gets dumped by her girlfriend. Enter her hot neighbour who she stumbles into who might be homophobic...

Cute, fluffy and a rather light hearted series that I had a ton of fun reading. I didn’t really like season 2 as much as season 1.

Getting to Know Grace by Hide and Mokma

Tags: historical, psychological, drama

Andrew is the only daughter of the famous Grace family, she also has an incurable disease. She grows up without friends except for her slave, Herta, whom she becomes intensely infatuated with.

It’s a serious story with drama, murder, plots and internal family politics. It’s not doki doki or fluffy at all. But I somehow fell in love with the two main leads and was happy with the ending. Andrew is the epitome of gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss. Slay queen.

Master of the Fox Bead by Gyaga

Tags: action, drama, fantasy, supernatural, school life, bisexual

Jinhwa lived an ordinary life until she swallowed a fox bead gifted by a mysterious peddler, mistaking it for a wish-fulfilling marble. Little did she know that her actions would lead her to be haunted by Miho, an infamous nine-tailed fox who wishes to retrieve the bead.

Am annoyed at the focus on the male crush and the latest arc about that dude too (I really do not care). There’s a lot more focus on action than romance in the story right now. Don’t worry, it’s still yuri (barely any romance so far though), I’m just being patient and waiting for the payoff. Here’s to hoping the ending doesn’t suck...

On a Leash by Aji and Soran Books

Tags: fantasy, beasts, military, drama, action, NSFW

WARNING: NSFW, contains porn

Furry... Yuri... Never thought I'd ever see something like this ever... Surprisingly, it's actually a pretty good (and believable) enemies to lover story. It's not particularly romantic or heart wrenching per se. I was bought more into the dynamic and interactions and started liking the characters much later on. It's a lot more war/plot focused than pure romance, but you see the two characters interacting with each other often enough to stay invested (except for one part in book 3).

Anyway, it’s about Red, a dog soldier who fights against the birds in a war. She gets herself involved with a sly reptilian medical officer who just loves to toy with her. The characters can swap between being a human and animal whenever like it's a superpower so it’s not exactly furry porn.

How to End an Unrequited Love by Pie

Tags: comedy, drama, college

Kim Boksil is known to have no success in her love life. After her 9th failure, she vows to have a wonderful relationship when she becomes a college student and falls for her kind and handsome sunbae Doyoon.

This one is an easy read. The art style is actually pretty nice. Not the biggest fan of the MC being air headed here and there but overall this is a somewhat drama free read that was a little fluffy. Personally wish there was more tension and sparks between the two love interests but it’s alright.

A Female Knight Who Seduces a Gloomy Witch by SolCcamal

Tags: fantasy, read left to right, witch, yandere, comedy

This is more of a comic than a webtoon but... eh...

Title is self-explanatory. The first two pages were pretty funny, and then I saw the other two pages. Oh my fucking goodness.