This section is for the yuri non-VN games. Anything that actually has gameplay. No filter system here because I'm lazy and also there's barely anything.

Total count: 5

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Tags: RPG, strategy, adventure, fantasy

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

You can pick between male and female for your playable character. FE has this support system where you pair characters together (basically a dating sim?) to have stat bonuses when they’re next to each other on the field.

Three Houses is the first Fire Emblem game where you’re able to romance the female lord. Technically, the previous game for the 3DS (Fire Emblem Fates) also has a gay romanceable character. But that’s only one and the game’s story kind of sucks in general outside of the amazing map design. Three Houses has multiple female characters you can marry as F!Byleth.

It was pretty good. It was more like a waifu simulator than watching two girls get it on. It’s painfully obvious how Byleth is supposed to be your self insert of some sort.

Nights of Azure

Tags: RPG, action, fantasy

Platforms: PS4, PS3, PC, PS Vita

A hack and slash.

Arnice reunites with Lilysse, her old friend from boarding school. But not long after, Lilysse is chosen as the next Saint, whose duty is to sacrifice herself to seal the Nightlord’s remains.

It’s heavy yuri subtext. There’s no kiss or confession. But it is canon that they’re gay. There’s also a sequel (which I have not played, hell, I haven’t finished playing this one myself)

Stardew Valley

Tags: farming, RPG, adventure

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, MacOS, PS4, iOS, PC, Linux, PS Vita, Xbox

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator that I think everyone is acquainted pretty well with. You can pick your gender at the start of the game, romance people in the village and marry them. Everyone is bi, so go wild with the women.

I think you can cheat on them too.

Life is Strange

Tags: drama, supernatural, action

Platforms: PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Linus, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch

I’ll be honest, I haven’t played this one. I just watched scenes on Youtube. But it is a classic for the lesbians.

D4DJ Groovy Mix

Tags: rhythm game, high school

Platforms: Android, iOS

Never in my life I would have ever expected an idol gacha rhythm game to actually feature a canonically lesbian couple. This also has an anime spin off, but that one is more subtext if anything. The game has conversations and events that are much gayer in subtext.

But that out of the way, the actual gay couple is Hayate/Kokoa. You can find scenes of them on youtube and judge whether they’re gay enough for you. It made me giggle to myself in my seat. So that’s a good sign.

I stay away from idol gacha games like the plague, but I’ll make an exception this time...

Persona 3 Portable

Tags: RPG, sci-fi, drama, supernatural

Platforms: PSP

There are a number of ports for Persona 3. The PSP version has the option for you to choose a female character as the protagonist. It doesn’t change the structure of the story, but it does affect your social links and stuff.

The female protag has 2 female social links, Aegis and Elizabeth.

I haven’t played P3 with the female protag yet since the game tells you that playing with the male protag is better for your first run. So I did that and... then proceeded to drop the game halfway because I fucking hate climbing tartarus.