Frequently Asked Questions

Just for some clarifications.

There's so many! Where do I start?

How would I know lmao if I actually had a solid list to recommend to people I would be making a tierlist instead. But I suppose I shall be benevolent today, my dearest imouto. Most people stumble into yuri expecting something light, to which, you could try:

Their Story
A Chinese long strip manhwa that's a light hearted comedy with romance. Unfortunately the author has stopped working on this, but it was really good while it lasted.
Bloom Into You
An extremely popular Japanese yuri manga written and drawn by a woman. It's not particularly panties twisting and some people consider it overhyped/overrated, but it's a classic at this point and groundbreaking when it came out.
There's a lot of people who actually enjoy this soap opera for some reason. And if you like it... I can't say I'm not judging you...

Why is (insert title here) not here?

This is just a list of yuri that I have read/seen before. But there will be a few series here that I have not seen but included anyway because they're so popular that I should add them. And also as a reminder to myself to go read/watch them.

How are the lists sorted?

It's completely random, but when I do add new entries, they go right to the bottom. I should be adding an alphabetical sort for the pages...

Are you a purist?

No. If you’re a purist looking for a list that is inclusive for you (e.g. pointing out that men do not exist etc), sadly you’re in the wrong place. But I do draw the line at certain things that’s a bit ‘purist-y’. I will NOT include things that are:

  • Genderbent stories (Where a male character has been transformed into a girl via magic/science/voodoo)
  • Love triangles that include men (The only exception is when the lesbian wins kek)
  • Futanari (They have dicks... And it's mostly porn anyway)

Why is there stuff you hate here?

This is a list of things I’ve seen before after all. And just because I hated something, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Also, yuri as a genre… kind of sucks to be honest. Most of it is pretty bad. As you turn into a seasoned yuri connoisseur, you start to leave your expectations on the floor and learn to ironically enjoy bad fiction.

Why are you so mean?

Gomen, I'm pretty blunt about everything here. If you're looking for nothing but incessant rainbows and sunshine, this twitter account is right here for you.

You've gotten x fact wrong!

If I have said something that is blatantly false, please contact me with the source of the fact, I'd like to keep my knowledge updated and accurate. Also please don't go around yelling at me for my opinions, everyone has different tastes. My standards can be quite strange, like a weird algamation of a dirty neckbeard and a raging feminist.

Can I make a recommendation?/I want to make a suggestion to improve your website

Of course! Like before, contact me. As for website changes, it depends on whether it's a good idea that keeps the concisemess and easy readability of the website intact. And also if it's possible to implement with my garbage coding skills and spaghetti code lol

Are you a masochist?

Yes. Hit me harder mommy.

And that's all! Feel free to look around the rest of the website! I hope you enjoy your stay here.