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A Yuri Addict's Rambles

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Welcome! This is just my small corner on the internet where I compile my thoughts on all of the yuri manga and media I've read. It's also a good way to remind myself of which yuri manga I need to check on for updates lol.

WARNING: THIS WEBSITE IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It contains content that is sexual and/or violent in nature. NSFW tags have been added and NSFW images are spoilered. You have been warned.

What is 'Yuri'?

Yuri is pretty much lesbian romance fiction.

The term yuri comes from the Japanese word 百合, which means 'lily'. Yuri is often depicted as a pure form of romance, and the flower symbolises such. Because 'men are dirty' and 'women are pure', so the love between two girls should be the 'purest form of love'. Yuri is often and mainly used to refer the Japanese media, such as novels, games and shows. But in the recent years it has extended to refer to lesbian fiction from any place.

Another term for yuri is 'shoujo-ai'. Which means 'girls love'. Pretty self explanatory.

A long time ago, there was a difference between the two terms. With yuri referring to lesbian pornography while shoujo-sai referred to just the romance between two girls. However, today the terms mean the same thing. Though there are a few places that still use these labels the way they were originally differentiated.

I hope you find great joy in exploring the world of yuri and reading my website! If you've made it this far, you should read the vocabulary used page next.