Yuri manga, there's a lot of them out there with varying quality. Note that if the manga has an anime adaptation, it won't be here but in the anime section instead. Also, this area does not contain webtoons, the webtoon section is for that. Basically, works here are Japanese, and use a page (not long strip) format.

Total count: 78

A Love Letter for the Marching Puppy by Tamasaki Tama

Tags: historical, tsundere, high school, military

A girl going to military school. Her senpai notices her. Very cute manga that’s fluffy and has good moments here and there.

Confession scene was a little wonky but it’s still cute all over until the weird mother drama at the end. The ending felt quite rushed as well, I wish I saw more moments of the two together. It's enjoyable as a binge read, was a lot less fun watching chapters trickle in.

The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy At All by Arai Sumiko

Tags: glasses, gyaru, music, high school, tomboy

Title is self-explanatory. It updates every week on twitter and I really like how the story is going so far. They have killer drip and it made me smile here and there. The art is really nice as well.

Bright and Cheery Amnesia by Tamamusi

Tags: 4koma, adult life, amnesia, comedy, couple life, idiot couple, tomboy, wholesome

A girl wakes up one day to realise the past 3 years of her life are forgotten. She forgets her girlfriend too, all the time they've been together.

It sounds really dark but the story is actually really cute and funny. A light hearted OL comedy.

Is My Hobby Weird? by Comaku


Tags: butts, glasses, masturbation, moderate amounts of sex, NSFW, high school

"For those of us with good taste, I bring you a manga entirely about butts. This manga just might be the greatest thing ever." - Yuri-Ism

Gamma by Ogino Jun

Tags: action, big breasts, comedy, drama, ecchi, incest, superhero

A superhero shounen yuri manga. Quite a rare sight. Yuri is not the main focus but the shounen action is. The yuri actually made me smile and kick my feet here and there. I do remember some people complaining about how it didn’t end up in incest. I prefer how the ending couples turned out, personally.

Legally Married Yuri Couple Book by Itou Hachi

Tags: adult life, animal ears, marriage, wholesome

They are legally married.

A cute, short and fluffy manga about two married animal girls. Itou Hachi is known for their soft, cute, fluffy yuri animal girls.

I personally found it so fluffy that it got dry/boring. Not particularly romantic or much tension at all, I didn't feel like there was much chemistry between their couplings. Your mileage may vary. Itou Hachi is a love/hate author for most.

Met My Sister on a Dating Site by Mochi Au Lait

Tags: comedy, incest, tsundere

Self explanatory title.

Mochi Au Lait is like Itou Hachi. Except for them, instead of animal girls, they draw nothing but mostly incest. Their art is was a bit amateurish but I do enjoy what they write and draw. Somehow, it was quite good, according to my memory when I read this when it was first translated.

My tolerance for incest has gone down drastically over the years. I tried re-reading it to write a refreshed verdict, but I had to stop after 3 chapters. Gomen.

LOVE/DEATH by Kuzushiro

Tags: comedy, high school, yandere, delinquent

What happens when a yandere falls in love with another yandere? Amazing things... apparently...

The other half of the manga follows a romance between two smoking addicts. Overall this is a rather short read with only 1 volume. It is very high energy and chaotic.

I personally found the yandere romance a lot more entertaining and romantic than the smoking romance. Oddly enough.

A Room For Two by Yukiko
AKA Futaribeya

Tags: high school, college, adult life, wholesome, slice of life, comedy, 4koma

A cute fluffy manga about two girls in high school all the way to their adult lives! The art is pretty and it’s a comfy manga. I don’t remember it being particularly romantic per se but it was a good read.

Can’t Defy the Lonely Girl by Kashikaze

Tags: blackmail, drama, high school, wholesome

Ayaka Sakurai’s teacher offers her a recommendation letter to the school of her choice if she could convince the delinquent girl Sora Honda to come to school. When Ayaka visited Sora at her home, Sora was quite willing to go back to school, if Ayaka would agree to do one thing...

It’s quite cute and somewhat(?) straight forward. 50/50 on the romance, didn’t really feel that the chemistry between the two were particularly spectacular. Still an okay read however. Got boring midway through.

Our Yuri Started With Me Getting Rejected in a Dream by Hijiki

Tags: childhood friends, high school, wholesome, idiot couple

Tsukushi had always thought they would be normal childhood friends forever… until she saw her friend reject her confession in a dream! She starts getting gay thoughts about her best friend and yuri ensues.

It’s a very well drawn manga and they’re quite the idiot couple. I’m waiting for more chapters to come out to decide whether it makes me squeal in my seat or nah. But I can say that her friend sure is an aggressive chad.

To Blue to Call Love by Sinkun

Tags: bisexual, adult life, cheating

Kyoko works at a tavern and gets frequently visited by an office lady who spends time there drinking and venting about her cheating boyfriend. She has a crush on her.

The whole 'cheating' boyfriend gets resolved within one chapter so it's not a dragged on het drama, thank goodness. This manga is very cute, made me smile. But the newer chapters puts too much emphasis on the cheating boyfriend and Kyoko's brother, it makes me want to give up and it's tainting my opinion on this. Will have to update this entry again in the future.

You are totally in love with me, aren’t you? by Youha

Tags: comedy, high school, height gap

Sayaka’s friend, Mako, is a bit weird. And she’s totally in love with Sayaka, maybe?

It’s pretty cute but so far the yuri is played as a gag. Though it is kind of obvious that Mako is totally into Sayaka. There is very very little/slow progress. A little boring to be honest.

A Story about a Very Lonely Female CEO who Falls for a Lesbian Prostitute in Seconds by 6th Manager and Misaki Tenmu

Tags: gay for pay, adult life, prostitution

The CEO has everything, money, status and fame. But she still can’t compensate for her loneliness, so she ends up in a lesbian brothel and ends up falling in love within seconds.

It’s very cute and fluffy. I did find it exciting. The ending was a bit lacklustre and unsatisfying, but it’s still a pretty good read for me.

Only Show Yourself to Me by nekohariko22

Tags: high school

Tano Komugi has a crush on Sawa Rurika, the prettiest and cutest girl in class.

It’s rather short so far and kind of cute. But nothing particularly noteworthy.

My Unrequited Love by tMnR

Tags: angst, age gap, drama, high school

The main character is in love with her brother’s wife.

Yeah. You read that right. She's in love with her sister-in-law.

It's full of drama and rather slow. I used to read it every few months to get annoyed. There's no chemistry between the MC and her love interest at all lmao.

A fun trainwreck. 10/10 read this mess.

The Sheep Princess in Wolf's Clothing by Mito

Tags: age gap, height gap, animal ears, fantasy

Inject this series directly into my veins and give me diabetes right now. Ultra SQUEEEEE shit 5/5 rating.

But anyway it's about a wolf butler + sheep princess. The wolf is an absolute dork and the princess is very forward and also very cute.

I'm quite sad about how rushed the ending is though. The series unfortunately got axed. It really could have benefitted from being longer.

Futakaku Kankei by Tachi

Tags: love triangle, comedy, school girl, twins

The main character is a twin sister. One day some senpai confesses to the main character while she's swapped as her sister in her part time work place. More problems and everything ensue.

From my memory I dropped it because I heard that in the raws, the ending was awful

Shitsurakuen by Naomura Tooru
AKA Paradise Lost

Tags: action, bullying, comedy, drama, fantasy, harem, het, high school, violence

This manga is absolute trash. Literally every single person who has ever read this thing hates it. It's not like Citrus or NTR, people universally hate this thing. I'm supposed to be recommending good things but I'm putting this hot fire here because it's a classic that is so hated by everyone that you should read it.

This is also one of the very first few yuri manga I read in 2011-2012. Ah, the days where I would accidentally walk into abhorrent garbage. It taught me an important lesson really early on. Expect absolutely nothing from yuri.

Shoujo Kishidan × Knight Tale by Inue Shinsuke

Tags: action, comedy, ecchi, high school, sports

Girls and knights, what more do you need?

But in seriousness it wasn’t the gayest thing I’ve ever read (if I recall correctly). It also got axed real early before anything good happens.

Yurika's Campus Life by Harada Shigemitsu and Seguchi Takahiro
AKA YuriCam

Tags: college, comedy, NSFW, pay for gay, player, prostitution, toys


Yurika attends a girls-only college and one day, she gets a call from her dad, his company has gone bankrupt and she has to use her gigolette charms to get by financially.

The cover art does not look good. But I swear, you NEED to read this. You won’t regret it. She’ll show you the power of a gigolette!

Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl by Majoccoid and Mochi Au Lait

Tags: college, comedy, tomboy

A simple, short, sweet and fluffy yuri about a girl who is into a handsome girl. Although, she thought that she was a handsome guy at first. Cue the misunderstandings and slight drama about it later on. But ultimately it ends on a good note and it’s not long and dragged out.

I liked it, but it was a somewhat average run of the mill read for me.

How Do I Get Together With My Childhood Friend? by Yasaka Shuu

Tags: childhood friends, comedy, idiot couple, high school, wholesome

A pretty self explanatory title.

I don’t remember much about it, so it’s probably alright. Nothing offensive, nothing particularly amazing.

100 Days Until the President and New Hire Have XXX by Suzuki Senpai

Tags: adult life, office lady, slice of life

A rather cute manga about a new hire breaking an expensive item and ending up in a relationship with the president of the company.

I like the artstyle, the new hire is cute and it was quite doki.

Suicide Parabellum by Dowman Sayman

Tags: suicide, supernatural, violence, what the fuck am I reading?

Dowman Sayman never disappoints with their extremely artistic drawing styles and stories that make you go “WTF?”

Suicide Parabellum was a bit of a mindfuck, Chihaya is on a mission to save her beloved. The entire thing seems a bit like a game, but there’s more to this than meets the eye. It's not particularly romantic. But the story was fascinating. I'm only just a little disappointed that the ending ended with a Chihaya that wasn't the one we spent most time with.

Suit!Chihaya is hot.

The Villainess Who Steals the Heroine’s Heart by Fujikasa

Tags: comedy, villainess

It seems that villainess yuri manga is turning into a popular troupe. This one is a parody. It’s even complete with the prince renouncing his engagement to the villainess but then the villainess goes for the heroine and vice versa.

The art style is... different, but it’s still pretty good. It’s pretty funny and I do like the dynamic between the villainess and the commoner.

The comments talking about later chapters get me a little worried...

Brides of Iberis by Akiyama Haru

Tags: adult life, bisexual, drama, het, polyamory

Main character is a wedding planner who is getting married herself. She meets a client she falls for and calls off her wedding for her. She ends up entering a polyamorous relationship with her.

There are a number of users praising the accuracy and representation of polyamorous/open relationships in this manga. Although... I didn’t really like this one. It’s likely because I don’t understand polyamory and it kind of turned into a trainwreck reading session for me. This is supposed to be a mature read about open relationships than romance per se, but since we're looking at this from the POV of the MC (and not to mention the way the author storboarded/drew everything), everyone just comes across as sinister. Maybe I'm misreading this?

Hana Ni Arashi by Kovachi Luka

Tags: comedy, couple life, idiot couple, high school, wholesome

Chidori and Nanoha are best friends and lovers. They keep their relationship a secret from everyone.

I... Don’t remember a thing about this manga. So it’s probably alright. I remember it being rather comfy, but that’s about it.

Yuzumori-san by Ejima Eri

Tags: age gap, comedy, lolicon, high school

Mimika is in love with Yuzumori-san, a girl who is... far younger than her.

I don't normally read lolicon or enjoy it. But this one was a lot easier to suspend my beliefs since Yuzumori-san does not act like a child in the slightest. Mimika is the bubbling idiot here. Also the entire manga is a reaction image gold mine. I remember this was quite popular while it was still ongoing.

Silver Gymnasium by Hiruno Tsukiko

Tags: angst, drama

A dramatic and tragic bunch of stories that takes place in an orphanage. The first chapter is a story about Fiona and Amy, two best friends who call themselves twins because they were taken in by the orphanage on the same day. But one day, Amy gets adopted out by her own birth mother.

If it wasn’t obvious enough, I dislike yuri which aren’t doki doki romance. But somehow, this one gets a pass. The art and atmosphere is captivating. It’s oddly comforting yet depressing. Maybe that’s what some people see in Itou Hachi’s work?

A Kiss And A White Lily by Canno

Tags: comedy, drama, rivals, high school, tsundere

Model student Shiramine Ayaka sees her top spot stolen by the lazy genius Kurosawa Yurine. She accidentally makes Yurine fall in love with her. There’s a bunch of other characters and side couples too.

I remember enjoying the first couple of chapters, and then I got bored. And then came the avalanche of side characters I didn’t care about very much. You might enjoy it more than I did though.

The Magical Girl and the Cage of Lesbianism by Aikawa Ryou

Tags: fantasy, lots of sex, NSFW, pregnant, rape, science babies, witch


I only read this because the title was funny. And it’s only here because I would like to bless you guys with the knowledge that trashy yuri hentai exists too. I laughed throughout the entire thing.

Corruption’s Finale by Mira

Tags: BDSM, lots of sex, NSFW, orgy, high school


Main character goes to a (Catholic) all girl’s school where she finds out that the dorms have an underground BDSM dungeon where girls have orgies every night.

Yes. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds. That’s why I couldn’t stop reading. I love porn with plots that are out of this world, I’ll never be able to get enough of it.

Comprehensive Tovarisch by Arati Iri

Tags: comedy, idiot couple, kuudere, high school

The premise is a little like A Kiss And a White Lily. Kanna is a hardworking student who comes across Yuu, someone who excels without trying as hard.

Oh my goodness. I haven’t seen this one in so long, I’ve forgotten what I thought about it. Likely dropped and forgotten because I ultimately got very very bored.

My Daughter Has Been Hiding Mother Daughter Incest Porn Books... by Tima

Tags: comedy, incest, NSFW, what the fuck am I reading?, wishful thinking


Despite the title, this is not actually incest and moreso a daughter freaking out that her mum has found her... interesting incest porn.

I thought it was pretty funny. But mind you, I read this in 2014, my standards and expectations were 5 feet under at the time.

And I'm only 5 feet tall too.

Yuri Otaku Family by Tamamusi

Tags: comedy, gyaru, high school

This one is about a family being a little too enthusiastic that their daughter is gay.

Tamamusi’s older oneshot works were especially golden back in the day and this one isn’t an exception. It’s rather short, so it wouldn’t hurt to read it within 5 minutes.

Vampire-chan × Junior-chan by Takano Saku

Tags: angst, drama, ecchi, high school, tragedy, vampire

Ajafuji Sara suffers from extreme blushing and inability to make friends. She meets Kagen Iris and gets bitten by her. What will happen to both of them…?

This one was a rather interesting read. It’s more sexual than romantic at first but it’s still romance. The ending was a little unsatisfying for me. But it’s still a decent read.

An Absurd Relationship by Takemiya Jin
AKA Irrational Us

Tags: adult life, office lady, bisexual, drama

Emi Yamanaka is an office lady who has gone through various failed relationships with other women and has resigned herself to cynicism. But it is shattered by the appearance of a new worker at her office, Taneda-san.

This compendium wouldn’t be complete without Takemiya Jin. Their work tends to lean a lot more on the serious, dramatic and mature side. It’s definitely not fluffy romance, and you don’t get romantic excitement out of it. But it’s still fascinating to read nonetheless.

Hino-san no Baka by KINNIKU Taoru

Tags: comedy, delinquent, idiot couple, high school

Class president and overall good girl Koguma is concerned about her classmate Hino who often skips classes. She feels that it's her duty to guide her down a better path, even if it means going along with Hino’s unusual requests.

I’m not really feeling the chemistry. Hino came across like those ‘bad boys’ who walk all over girls. The manga’s schtick is often repeating ‘Hino teases Koguma with something misleading’ every other chapter as if it’s monster of the week.

Though not all hope is lost, there is development but it's painfully slow. Like, 100 chapters in and their relationship and shtick has BARELY budged. It pays off where everything speeds by right at the end but slogging through the entire thing was a pain.

Sekai de Ichiban Oppai ga Suki! by Konbu Wakame

Tags: 4koma, comedy, ecchi, idiot couple, NSFW, school girl, tomboy, wholesome

A manga all about a girl being obsessed with the MC’s big boobs. It’s pretty lewd and a manga for you big boob voyeurs out there.

I don’t remember much of it and I dropped it. Y’see I don’t normally read 4koma so...

And I don't really like tomboys... Or whatever coomer male gaze shit this is.

Apologies. This place is here to help you find what you might like. Don't like my comments sway you.

Catulus Syndrome by Neko Tarou

Tags: animal ears, comedy, high school, tsundere

Shirakaba Yuki is a girl with Catulus syndrome (basically being a cat girl). Ayano Riko is a cat magnet. They somehow become friends?

(insert note here to re-read this because I’ve forgotten everything about it)

Kimi to Tsuzuru Utakata by Yuama

Tags: angst, drama, highschool, slice of life

Shizuku Hoshikawa writes a novel which is accidentally read by her classmate Kaori Asaka. She loves it but finds out Hoshikawa wasn’t planning to write anymore due to lack of ideas, to which she says: “Let’s start going out, you and me... You can write a story about our own love.”

It’s not a very romantic read, it’s more depressing. It also mentions things like suicide. So be warned.

Bash! by Horii Kisuke

Tags: drama, high school

This is the very first yuri manga I have ever read in my life. I remember it so distinctively because I read it and thought ”Wow, they look like men. So yuri is basically yaoi?”

I don’t recommend you read it. Art is... something, pacing is strange, it wasn’t particularly romantic, it was pretty edgy... I guess the only nice thing about it is that the premise was somewhat interesting. But it’s abandoned anyway, so I wouldn’t really bother if I were you.

This is only here by virtue of being the first yuri manga I’ve ever read. When I was... 11?

Social Anxiety vs Yuri by Sodapop

Tags: 4koma, comedy, harem, incest

A short, lighthearted comedy 4koma that has a premise already explained by the title.

I want this to happen to me too. But I’d probably die. Guess I'm not much different from the MC...

Sorry but I’m Not Into Yuri by Mochi Au Lait

Tags: comedy, drugs, ecchi, harem, NSFW, high school

Another work by Mochi Au Lait. Their art has really improved from back then! They draw noses now!

Anyway, MC is ‘’’’straight’’’’ and has a crush on her homeroom teacher. She buys a shady love potion and decides to test it out on the stuck up student council president. She also tests it on a bunch of other students and now there’s a bunch of girls after her.

I liked this one a lot, but I also hate it because it’s a harem and the MC is a scumbag. I just want the student prez to win...

Not to mention, I heard that in volume 4, the story takes a turn for the worse and becomes a shounen manga?

Even If It Was Just Once, I Regret It by Miyahara Miyako

Tags: age gap, comedy, ecchi, pay for gay, roommates, slice of life

WARNING: NSFW, not porn per se, but pretty softcore

The MC is behind rent by 3 months. One night while drinking in her room, her landlord knocks on the door and asks her to sleep with her as payment. They do that and she enters a contract with her where she will provide 'services' to pay off the rest of her debt.

It’s a cute and funny romcom. But I imagine some people would be uncomfy with the power dynamics here (not to mention how shady it is for a landlord to ask you to sleep with them as payment). The services are all SFW by the way. And I actually really enjoyed it, despite how shady and dumb it could be sometimes. If you're okay with this... iffy arrangement, give it a read. It's doki.

Accept My Fist of Love! by Murata
AKA 'Watashi no Kobushi wo Uketomete!'' or 'Catch These Hands!'

Tags: adult life, comedy, delinquent, idiot couple, rivals

MC finds herself jobless and wants to try changing her image. While shopping for clothes she bumps into one of her sworn enemies from her high school delinquent days... but the girl confesses to her and they start dating. How will she slowly fall in love?

This is so cute and I love the premise. But it got a little dry and uninteresting at parts.

Shoujo Manga Protagonist x Rival-san by kuu_u_

Tags: bisexual, comedy, het, rivals, school life, slice of life, tsundere

The MC has a crush on a dude and the most beautiful girl in class has a problem with that.

The first few chapters are constant repeats of 'I'm about to bully you. Sike! I love you.' gags due to the work originally stemming as a webcomic. The read order is also very convoluted due to the way it was uploaded. I got tired of the same exact repeat gag and was about to drop it because I fell under the impression that the MC isn't even interested in women.

But it ACTUALLY ends up developing and delivers spectacularly. Yes this is troupey as shit but god I LOVED It, definitely squealing to myself and taking a ton of screenshots. I love how the MC looked at the end of the manga.

Ah, I'm so down bad.

Contract Sisters by Hijiki

Tags: age gap, office lady, school girl, wishful thinking

The MC gets into a ‘sister contract’ with the waitress she has a crush on - who turns out to be just a high schooler with sister issues.

By the same author as Rejected in A Dream, the art is beautiful as always. In a way, the subject of interest kind of reminds me of Mei from Citrus in demeanour... I’m not really feeling this one or the dynamic though. You might have a different experience with this compared to me.

My Ignorance of a World Yet Unknown by Momono Moto

Tags: angst, adult life, childhood friends, co-worker, drama, het, love triangle, office lady

I don’t remember much of this, I remember dropping it rather early. After re-reading the first chapter, I can see why. It’s on the serious side. I guess mature, serious, OL drama manga isn’t my cup of tea. Korean webtoons are more suited for my tastes when it comes to OLs.

I’m Not Cut Out to Be a Princess, so I’ll Elope With the Villainess by Atuka

Tags: villainess, bisexual, fantasy, isekai

A pretty self explanatory title. This is a rather short oneshot. It’s cute but it wasn't that romantic I guess. The pay off wasn’t that huge either honestly.

Does It Count if Your First Time Is With an Android? by Yakiniku Teishoku

Tags: NSFW, moderate amount of sex, comedy, ecchi, office lady, robot, roommates, sci-fi, adult life

WARNING: NSFW, contains porn

MC is living with a sex robot.

I’m not really feeling this one. It came across more as porn than something super interesting to read. I wasn’t feeling the characters.

A Yuri Story About a Girl Who Insists "It's Impossible for Two Girls to Get Together" Completely Falling Within
100 Days by Kayako and Teren Mikami
AKA Arioto link is so stupid long)

Tags: moderate amount of sex, comedy, ecchi, pay for gay, school girl, high school, tsundere

WARNING: NSFW, has porn at some bits

Extremely self explanatory title. MC is offered 1 million yen by her classmate to date her for 100 days. This is a manga adaptation of a light novel of the same title.

The art is really pretty... But the anatomy can be quite wonky at times. The ecchi parts made me a bit uncomfortable at times (I mean, let’s be real, I’m over 21 now. What am I doing ogling high schoolers? At least if it was flat out porn I could suspend my beliefs.)

This is such a good read. MY HEART. Although huge warning that some parts can come across as incredibly iffy (rapey even). I had to close not one, but both of my eyes during those parts.

Asumi-chan Is Interested In Lesbian Brothels! by Itsuki Kuro

Tags: adult life, childhood friends, comedy, NSFW, pay for gay, prostitution, moderate amount of sex

WARNING: NSFW, contains porn

Pretty self explanatory title too.

Wasn’t into it. Maybe you will be. Don’t let me stop you.

Epitaph by Shouoto Aya

Tags: drama, supernatural

I wouldn’t read this if I were you. Well, there were only 6 chapters before it got axed in YuriHime.

This is here because it’s one of the very first few yuri I’ve read.

Astarte and Towa are ‘Undertakers’, people who deliver the final messages of the departed to their loved ones. In addition to trying her best at her job, Towa is also dealing with her growing feelings for Astarte.

The Fed Up Office Lady Wants to Serve the Villainess by Neko Tarou

Tags: adult life, age gap, fantasy, height gap, isekai, villainess

Some people might be tired of the villainess troupe, but I’m not. Imagine taking a hiatus from yuri and coming back to a whole new troupe you’ve never seen before.

The title is self explanatory.

What do I think about it? Err... I’m not feeling the villainess and MC. I honestly think the MC is better off with the female lead. I also can’t stand the MC. She’s so passive to the point of feeling like the reader’s self insert.

There's No Way I Can Have A Lover! *Or Maybe There Is? by Monsieur, Takeshima Eku, and Teren Mikami
AKA Watanare

Tags: comedy, school girl, high school

Mai is pretty handsome. I swoon.

Anyway, this is written by the same person who wrote Girl Who Insists "It's Impossible for Two Girls to Get Together" or Arioto (god that’s a mouthful).

This one is about the MC working on becoming a normie and excelling in it. One day, the most beautiful top student in the school confesses to her.

They’re both so autistic I love them. Shit is diabetes, please give me more. I will read the light novel soon.

I take everything back, I saw light novel spoilers and this is AWFUL. Dammit, in this age and year I’ve been letting my guard slip since we’ve had good yuri coming out left and right. I will re-read shitsurakuen to re-instill my core values.

Prism by Higashiyama Shou

Tags: childhood friends, comedy, high school

Can’t believe I forgot about this one. The series (and artist) got cancelled for tracing their artwork. Why did they have to go trace stuff? It was such a good series too...

Anyway, the plot is as follows: MC remembers and still loves the memory of a boy named Hikaru that she spent a day with in grade school. But on her first day of high school, a pretty girl hugs her and tells her that she's Hikaru?!

Yuri Mekuru Hibi by Mizuki Reona

Tags: comedy, idiot couple, school girl, slice of life, what the fuck am I reading?

My love for this short 19 chapter manga is indescribable. The neurons in my brain would light up each time I saw a new chapter release.

Pure autism. Pure uncensored autism in its full glory. I love these idiots.

A Monster Wants to Eat Me by Naekawa Sai

Tags: childhood friends, drama, mermaid, monster girl, school girl, supernatural

Hinako lives a quiet life in a seaside town. One day, she meets Shiori, a mysterious girl. She soon finds out that Shiori is a mermaid who wants to eat her.

It’s a pretty serious and depressing manga since Hinako is depressed and legitimately wants to die. It’s not like Takeyama Jin’s work but more like Kimi to Tsuzuru Utakata.

It started out a little slow, depressing and boring for me. But it hit the point of extremely interesting by chapter 16. I need this to update faster.

The Real Her by Imamura Youko

Tags: BDSM, comedy, idiot couple, school life, tsundere, wholesome

I had so much fun and much dokis when this was being released.

Yuuka is a terrible person but puts on a persona of being cute and friendly towards everyone. Moe sees right through that and is in love with her terrible personality. Well, turns out, she’s a masochist and wants to be tortured by Yuuka.

Don't worry, this one is romantic and fluffy. Completely SFW.

The plain girl sitting next to me by Inuto

Tags: love triangle, player, school girl, tsundere

At this point it’s very obvious that I just check for what’s popular on dynasty scans every other day. But I tell you, I really need to write it down or I would forget it unless I reread it by chance again like the previous entry.

Anyway, this one is about the MC totally not having gay thoughts for the plain girl (who turns out to be a beauty without her glasses) sitting next to her in class.

It's pretty good. But I was feeling uncomfortable and turned off by the whole player love triangle aspect at first. But the latest chapter is hinting that the love interest is romantically into the MC. So not all hope is lost. Gotta remember to update this later.

I Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up by Kodama naoko

Tags: adult life, marriage, roommates

A short 3 chapter read. To be honest I would like it to be longer with slower development but it was alright too. I almost felt something but since it was so short, I felt nothing.

It was still a pleasant read, hard to believe that the same person who made NTR also made this but maybe it’s not too hard to imagine such a thing either ways?

Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii by Manio
AKA 'You're the Cutest When You're Filthy' or 'I Love Your Cruddy...'

Tags: abuse, creepy, depressing as fuck, drama, psychological, school girl

Sexaki Airi and Hanamura Hinako are in different groups and castes with no interaction, but they have a secret that they cannot tell anyone else.

This is not quite guro, but it’s getting there. The first 7 chapters were hard to stomach, the drama aftermath was so embarrassing that I had to skip a couple of pages.

In the end, I couldn’t help but watch in entertainment and horror at the progression of all of this. I know if I ever read this while it was coming out (I took a break from 2019 to 2022), I would’ve had an insane time trainwreck reading this.

If I can Encounter Koshiba Aoi Today by Fly and Takeoka Hazuki

Tags: school life, adult life, drama

This manga follows swapping between flashbacks and flash forwards.

In the flash forward: MC wants to meet Aoi at a school reunion meeting

In the flash back: MC wants to get to know Aoi better

I’m not a fan of this format, especially since this is a tragedy… If you enjoy bittersweet stories, this might be for you. According to spoilers, volume 4 looks incredibly sad in a more bitter than sweet way.

I'm sure this is still artistic in its own right (other than the art) with the whole moral that sometimes admiration from afar is better than love or friendship.

Don't Make Me So Turned On. by Comaku

Tags: lots of sex, NSFW, office lady, polyamory

WARNING: NSFW, this is porn.

I forgot that I read this ages ago. Another extremely NSFW and lewd manga by Comaku, that artist that made that butt manga.

It’s rather short and the story developments that could’ve been interesting get dropped immediately whenever they show.

Why is My Crush so Hard on Me? by Hachiko

Tags: childhood friends, comedy, idiot couple, high school, tsundere

I guess I’m a basic bitch. The tsundere tag is still very new to me (I think it’s because I didn’t read much tsun stuff when I was younger).

Anyway, the childhood friends tag is a little misleading since these two aren’t actually friends since childhood. It’s more like ‘we were friends as kids, now we meet again as high schoolers.’ I liked it, but that’s because it’s tsun so...

Snow Thaw & Love Letter by Nauchi

Tags: height gap, high school, student council

MC is a princely girl who is great at everything; academics, sports and whathaveyou. She’s popular enough to even have a whole fanclub after her. One day, a girl transfers in who treats her genuinely, like a friend.

I’m not sure what to feel for this one. I’m not really feeling it much.

5 Seconds Before a Witch Falls in Love by Zeniko Sumiya

Tags: fantasy, comedy, height gap, idiot couple, harem, tsundere

Dammit. This was so cute. Why did it have to be only 4 chapters long? I didn’t like the second chapter though, it was focused on some other character that was building some demon/angel/etc harem.

I See You, Aizawa-san! by Odoroo Dorothy

Tags: comedy, ghost, high school, supernatural

The MC is able to see ghosts and her recently deceased idol classmate has started hanging around in her classroom.

I started reading this one a little while ago but forgot to put it down here because I didn’t really like/care about it... I mean, yuri between a ghost that the MC can’t speak to or acknowledge? Recipe for just a gag that goes nowhere.

But now that there are more chapters and actual development, it’s worth putting in here.

Liar satsuki can see death by Ryouko

Tags: gore, horror, high school, supernatural

This one is a really interesting mystery manga. The MC can see future corpses a day before someone dies. She tries her best to prevent their deaths and warn them, but it has earned her the reputation “Liar Satsuki”.

So far, it's not really romantic at all. It's more like a friendship harem as she gets close to other girls in her school. I'm waiting for more development. But for now, the story is interesting enough to keep me reading for it.

Moving In with a Crossdressing Girl After a Breakup by Yamamoto Mato

Tags: adult life, bisexual, cross dressing, tomboy, height gap

This is probably subtext to some people, but one sided yuri is still yuri.

MC gets dumped by her boyfriend, confides in her friend who decides to move in with her.

Honestly, this oneshot reads like the perfect start to a good manga, but too bad... it’s a oneshot... And also the friend looks WAY better with her original hair. I am sorry.

Ayaka is in Love with Hiroko! by Sal jiang

Tags: adult life, office lady, idiot couple, slice of life

The MC is in love with her boss at work. Her boss is into her too. But they both think that each other are straight!

This series is so fun, they're both such USELESS lesbians. But christ the MC is such an alpha.

The Engagement of the Disgraced Witch and the Cross-Dressing Princess by Chinmi Chiruha

Tags: cross-dressing, fantasy, villainess

Evris is seen by others as a ‘witch’. One day, the fifth prince abruptly announces that their engagement is broken off and she’s plunged into despair. However, someone reaches out to her instead… The cross dressing prince of a neighbouring country!?


My New Friend Wasn't What I Expected by Kai Bashira

Tags: high school

Her new classmate is really cute, but it turns out, she’s a really cool looking punk type girl!?

This one is cute, soft and fluffy. Boy, she really does have a ton of rizz huh.

Destroy it all and love me in Hell by Kuwabara tamotsu

Tags: psychological, high school, drama

The MC is the perfect student council role model that everyone looks up to, but in truth her personality is terrible and her ever truant classmate sees right through it. For entertainment or for whatever twisted reason, she blackmails her into doing more cruel acts.

I don’t know what to feel about this one, it kind of reminds me of the I Love Your Cruddy manga but with more sexual tension and more drama. With less gore and disgusting acts involved, it comes across as overly dramatic but for high school girls where image and school is all that matters, it’s somewhat realistic.

Patiently waiting for updates to see where it goes.

Love me Like I Do! by Manio

Tags: adult life, cheating, drama

The MC is a NEET who falls in love with another (gamer) NEET after being rizzed up. Turns out, her newly found ‘prince’ actually has a girlfriend and is a cheating scumbag.

Considering that this is written by Manio, the same person who wrote Kitanai which was all fucked up and full of drama, I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up the same way. Chapter 3 is already showing some baaaad signs of things to come.

The Massage Parlour That Makes You Keep Cumming Back by Freedom Nakai

Tags: lots of sex, NSFW, big breasts

WARNING: NSFW, this is porn

I... don’t even know how I ended up here. Anyway, it’s just typical trashy porn. It’s neither terrible nor great. No comments on how good it is as art for... purposes. I just read it because of the title, with zero horniness in my veins.